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My Fitness Pal: My Secret Weapon to Fat Loss

My Fitness Pal: My Secret Weapon to Fat Loss

I’ve never been a fast food junkie.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a sweet tooth that I give into from time to time but in comparison to most, it’s rare that I overeat on cake and cookies. With that, all my life I’ve struggled with my weight. If I wasn’t in full training mode, busting my ass on the regular, I was gaining weight.


In 2012 I lost 50+ lbs by going low carb. Sounds great but I looked like a drug addict. My face was sunken in, my skin was unhealthy and as an athlete and someone who was just starting their entrepreneurial, I had very little energy which was not a good thing. To top it off, when I would consume carbs… even just a little bit… I would blow up like a puffer fish.


When I embarked on this fitness transformation, I wanted it to be different this time. I wanted to do more than just “lose weight”, I wanted to be healthy and fit. I made it a requirement that I was going to get in the best shape of my life, physically and mentally.


Unlike before on my insane low carb diet, I wanted to have a well-rounded diet that fueled my body during workouts and for cycling. This was something that I fell short of before. My goal before was to lose weight at all costs. Things are different this time. The biggest mistake that I made previously, that so many others are making, was that instead of changing my diet, I went on a diet.


Let that sink in because I’m talking to you. If you want real results that last a lifetime, you can’t look for the popular fad diet of the month. You have to change how you fuel your body… Your diet.


When I studied my eating habits, both current and previous, I didn’t see much wrong. I typically would choose salads, leaner meats, etc. over the fast food calorie bomb, so why would I still pack on the pounds. I was lost when it came to this. I really had no clue what was wrong because in my mind I was eating healthy.


After a lot of reading and hours of Youtube videos, I decided to give the My Fitness Pal app a try. The thought of tracking my food was intimidating. I’m busy so how in the hell was I going to have time to enter my food intake into an app? I was determined to get results so I told myself that if I couldn’t “find” time, I would make time.


After only 1 week of tracking my food, I was blown away by the number of calories I was consuming. I was still eating relatively healthy but what I found was that I was eating too much of small things like dressing, almonds, cheese on my salads, etc.


The little things that you sometimes think to yourself don’t matter… those things were adding up to well over 500-1,000 calories each day. It was a little deflating, to say the least, but when I took a step back and looked the big picture, a lightbulb went off.


All this time I thought that my body HATED carbs. I thought that if I even looked at a slice of bread I would gain 5 pounds. What was truly happening was I was consuming too much food elsewhere in my diet.


Carbs are not bad…


Seriously… Actually, I need them as an athlete and as an entrepreneur it keeps me running through a busy day. Using My Fitness Pal allowed me to consume carbs as well as fats and proteins strategically and with a purpose in my diet.


When I lost weight before, it would come back so rapidly because I didn’t have a well-rounded diet… I had a crash diet and as soon as I went off of it, I blew up because I didn’t know how to eat with purpose. My Fitness Pal taught me how to consume food properly within the first seven days of using it.


But wait… So many others have used My Fitness Pal before and it never worked. Maybe that’s your story. What was I doing differently? I’m going to let you in on a little secret that I truly believe will change your life IF you take action on what I’m about to tell you.


You HAVE NO CLUE how many calories per day you should be consuming. If I asked you how many calories your body burns on a normal day for you, what would your guess be? 2,000… 1,500 maybe? You read that online somewhere so that may be your guess…


That is why this app doesn’t work for most people. You absolutely have to know “your number”. Your caloric burn rate is what your body burns on a daily basis. It’s also the number that if you consume that amount, you will neither gain or lose weight. You’ll simply maintain. This is also called your caloric maintenance.


To lose body fat you must consume less than your caloric maintenance.


Pretty simple, huh? How much less? 1,000 calories? NO. I made that mistake myself. A safe number is to subtract 300-500 calories from your maintenance and adjust from there. In a later blog, I will talk about how long I stay in a deficit before I raise my calories to avoid hitting a plateau but it’s too complex for this blog.


The way you can determine your number is to use the site (If It Fits Your Macros). That is not a paid endorsement. I use the site myself as does my wife. She’s lost 20 lbs by doing what I’m talking about in this article. You answer a few questions and it will help calculate a relatively accurate number for you. While it’s not the most scientific thing in the world… it’s a website survey for crying out loud… it does the trick and its worked wonderfully for me. It will give you your calories as well as how many proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that you need to consume in order to maintain your current weight. Once you have those numbers, simply subtract 300-500 calories, enter that number into My Fitness Pal and you’ll be close to ready to start.


The final thing you need to do is adjust your macros within the app. I always try to keep my carbs below 100 grams daily unless I am competing in a bike race and need the extra fuel. My calories makeup on a daily basis looks like this: 180 grams of protein, 90 grams of carbs and 70 grams of fat when I am sitting at 1,850 calories per day.


Play around with those numbers to fit your lifestyle but be smart about it. You don’t need to consume 215 grams of fat just because you tend to like to smash milkshakes and burgers on a daily basis.


Tracking becomes easy after just a few days because My Fitness Pal recalls what you consume a lot of, speeding up the input process. You can also take a picture of the barcode and it will enter it into the app for you.  


My Fitness Pal has been the biggest game-changer thus far in my fitness transformation. I can’t go a day without tracking my food. Not because I feel like I have to but because it is such an asset to my life that I want to. It would be like trying to go a day without my cell phone…


This is what has worked for me and my hope is that you can take a few nuggets of information away from this blog that will help you in your journey.


Make the way,

Luke Nesler


If you found this valuable in any way, I’d love to hear from you. Email me with your thoughts, success story or questions anytime at [email protected].


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