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How I’m Transforming My Body From Fat to Fit

How I’m Transforming My Body From Fat to Fit

It was May 26, 2017.

I was supposed to be excited. My wedding was tomorrow… The biggest day of my life and I was embarrassed to show up in front of my closest friends and family. Why? I stepped on my scale in my beautiful West Virginia home only to see the number read, 290 lbs. How did I let myself go to almost 300 lbs?


For those that don’t know me, I use to be an athlete in high school. I played football and raced BMX bicycles from the time that I was 12 years old until I started my business at the age the age of 22. I was never a “skinny kid” but was always athletic, strong and never considered obese.


Somewhere in my entrepreneurial journey I stopped racing bike, stopped working out, started eating out because it was more convenient and the next thing I know I’m 24 hours from the biggest day of my life and I’m the fattest I’ve ever been. Something had to change.


My biggest issue was I’m an addict.


Not to drugs but to my job. From the time my eyes open until I would close them late at night, I was “GRINDING”, something all too common in today’s entrepreneurial culture. I am the CEO of a rapidly growing digital marketing company. I’m also the rainmaker, responsible for acquiring every client that we do business with so needless to say, it takes total focus and commitment to be successful in my business. At least that was the excuse I told myself.


I stopped racing my bicycle because I didn’t have time. I needed to go all in on growing my business. I had to give my company all of me in order for it to thrive… so I thought. You see, my company, Impakt Media, hit the 5-year mark in 2018, something that not many businesses ever achieve. We grew every year but over the past 24 months, it became less my passion and more my job and responsibility.


I was stressed out nearly all the time because of goals that I had set and of course, a company growing pains that come along with being an entrepreneur. I had no outlet to release the stress. This played a major roll in pounds that I had packed on.


Even though I knew the day before my wedding that something had to change, I did nothing for about 12 more months. I tried insane fad diets, I tried Nutrisystem, I made short-term moves that were mistakes looking back on it now but no real progress was made until May 2018.


Everything changed in a moment’s time.


I was at a motocross race with my dad, my business partner, Jeff Welsh, and my CMO, George Cicci. My dad and I use to travel to races all the time back when I competed and there was something special about the time we spent together and the bond we formed. I got that feeling back on that hot and muggy May afternoon. I had a serious case of Deja Voo and something in me clicked in an instant.


I remember telling my dad, “Hey, I think I’m going to start racing my bike again.” as we watched the final race of the day wind down. He looked at me with that smirk that always meant, “Son, I don’t think that’s a good idea but I’ll support whatever decision that you make.” He was concerned with me suffering a serious injury but I knew why I needed to do it. I know why I had to get back on the bike.


While I loved racing others about the BMX track, hitting big jumps and winning races, the real reason I knew that I had to start competing again is that I knew if I had a goal of competing and winning races again, I would train and eat the way I needed to get back into fighting shape.


I know I’m not alone when I say that I could care less about going to the gym because I need to get in shape and look better. I could care less about eating healthy because it’s better for me. Do you ever feel that way? I have to have a real goal. I have to have a goal with a timeline and a deadline.


If I’m in preparation mode to achieve the desired result, I will do everything in my power to be successful with it. So, June 2018 it started. I told myself, my family and my wife, that I was going to compete in the 2018 USABMX Regional Championship Race in Akron Ohio in September 2018. Not only was I going to compete, but I was also going to win.


My wife, who never knew me when I was previously racing, must have thought I was insane… No, I know she thought I was insane, but being the amazing, supportive wife that she is, she cheered me on in my journey. The goal was to get as lean as possible by September.

Now that I had a purpose and a mission, it was game on.


I found myself excited to jump out of bed and train 3-4 days each week. I began eating a healthy and wholesome diet. I used My Fitness Pal to track my calorie intake along the way. I utilized my road bike to get long cardio into my weekly plan in a way that I enjoyed WAY more than running. I was doing it for real. For the first time in nearly 6 years, I was progressing my health rather than regressing.


September 14 rolled around. It was a big race weekend. I had leaned out to 245 lbs. Not a bad upgrade from the 290 lbs that I was weighing in at just 12 months earlier. I showed up at the Regional Championship ready to dominate and I did just that, winning every single lap at the event.


I found my “why”.


My reason for bettering my health. Our “why” doesn’t always look the same as the next person. Some of us have to have a reason to eat right and train our bodies. The beautiful thing about my journey thus far… (I’m just getting started)… is that my performance at my company has elevated because of my health.


It makes sense I suppose. You can’t put junk fuel in a race car and expect it to be competitive. It takes high octane race fuel to be the best. I was putting shit in my body for years. I wasn’t pushing my body physically and as a result, my mental and physical performance was suffering BIG time.


I’m just getting started.


I’ve launched the Fittrepreneur brand to document my journey, share what I’ve learned along the way and bring to you true fitness experts that can help you in your journey. This is my passion project. I want to be a catalyst to your betterment. Be it from my blogs, videos or Fittreprenuer podcast, I hope that you can pull some type of value from my journey.


If you’re reading this just know that we are family. Fittreprenuers stand for something. A Fittrepreneur is unstoppable and that’s what I want for you in business and in life.


If you want to follow my fitness journey you can do so on Instagram ( and on Youtube (


Until next time. Be unstoppable.

– Luke

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